Sir Jackie Stewart


“The admission ticket for every important motor race around the world states ‘Motor Racing is Dangerous’; it is there for insurance purposes principally, but it is also there to remind people that they should accept personal responsibilities when they attend a motorsport event where the speeds are so high that if a major accident were to occur, the debris could easily affect others, as well as the drivers involved.

Motorsport safety has gladly changed in a very positive way, since the days that I was campaigning during my driving years and the years thereafter, to change what was a hideously dangerous sport, with far too many people losing their lives.

Today, we have excellent risk management; particularly in Formula One. The work that is being done in Australia by the Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS), reminds you that you can never become complacent in a sport with such dynamics and such speed, where either human or mechanical failure can cause the most frightening accidents.

I congratulate all concerned in the initiative that is being taken to constantly be on top of the safety issues. I have always been a strong believer that you don’t wait for the animals to leave the field before you close the gate as preventative medicine is considerably less painful and less expensive than corrective medicine.

I wish everyone continued success in the initiatives for increased safety; through knowledge, science and experience.”