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Club & Event Organiser FAQs

I want to hold my event in a state where only double vaccinated can attend, but given we are holding the event outdoors in a big spacious area, can we ignore this restriction?
My state doesn’t require double vaccination yet, can I still hold an event?
Isn’t it discrimination to stop non-vaccinated people from attending?
How do I check if someone is vaccinated? Do I have to keep a record of this information?
Can’t Motorsport Australia add vaccination status to my licence?
Will I need to have security guards checking vaccination status or can our club volunteers check certificates?
I’m holding a rally/off road event that is not in a closed venue and people can just walk up to the road and spectate, how can we check their vaccination status?
If I can’t attend an event because of a vaccination requirement, I am being disadvantaged in my battle for the Series/Championship. How is that fair?
NSW has said that as of 1 December unvaccinated and vaccinated people can attend events, so why can’t we just all attend October/November events anyway?
Should Motorsport Australia really be encouraging vaccinations?
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