Who's who of motorsport to join inaugural AIMSS Safety Summit in 2021

Tuesday 20 April, 2021
The first AIMSS Safety Summit will be held on 1 June, 2021
The first ever Australian Institute of Motorsport Safety (AIMSS) Motorsport Safety Summit will be held in June, with high profile guests to tackle the biggest safety issues and showcase the latest developments in the sport.

This is an online event that cannot be missed, with information relevant to every driver, co-driver, team member, event organiser and event official.

Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, Romain Grosjean, Roland Dane and Paul Morris are among the long list of industry stakeholders taking part in the Summit.

During the Summit, several feature presentations will cover off the latest in motorsport safety developments, rescue and medical topics.
The Summit, to be held online meaning anyone from around the world can attend, will also facilitate a  'Pitch my Project' competition to help new or novel motorsport projects reach an international audience. Competitors will pitch their projects to a panel of leaders in the motorsport industry and safety. The Panel will provide live feedback with the possibility of progressing their pitch further.

AIMSS Chairman Garry Connelly said the Summit would be an innovative and interactive event, designed to highlight the impressive technology and work being undertaken.

"The AIMSS Motorsport Safety Summit is a wonderful initiative that will help further showcase the skills, technology and ingenuity of those working tirelessly to improve safety in our sport," Connelly said.
"The Summit has attracted an international faculty representing the Asia Pacific region, who are all invested in progressing motorsport safety.

"We are delighted to be welcoming some of the biggest names in motorsport to this Summit. They all have a passion for making motorsport the safest it can be and their unique insights will be highly informative.

"We are also excited to be providing an opportunity for those with a great idea to share their innovations through the 'Pitch my Project' initiative. Someone could be sitting on a great idea that will make the sport safer but may have not yet had the opportunity to share it with those who can make it a reality.

"The AIMSS Motorsport Safety Summit is sure to be a highlight on the motorsport safety calendar in 2021."

Tickets for the online AIMSS Safety Summit are available for $80 (AUD) and can be purchased by clicking the link below.

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