Queensland to support Girls on Track & officials

Tuesday 11 January, 2022
FIA Girls on Track in Queensland will receive some extra funding in 2022. (Photo: Jules Ingall)
Motorsport Australia’s FIA Girls on Track program has received a major boost in 2022 with the Queensland Government throwing its support behind the program.
With the Queensland State Government launching the Active Industry Project Fund in 2019 to help its sport and active recreation industry increase diversity and inclusivity, Motorsport Australia will now receive funding to help grow female participation in the Sunshine State. 
The financial assistance provided to Motorsport Australia will not only be used for the FIA Girls on Track program, it will also support a senior women officials' development program in Queensland.
Both Girls on Track and the officials' development program will increase motorsport participation for young girls and women at multiple locations across the state.
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca thanked the Queensland Government for the support 
“At Motorsport Australia, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our participants and making motorsport more welcoming for all Australians,” Arocca said.
“The FIA Girls on Track program has been very successful since we began running workshops and I am confident it will continue to grow.
“As for the development program, the grant will help us train and increase the number of senior women officials we have in Queensland.
“Assistance from State Governments goes a long way in helping us achieve our goal of increasing inclusivity and on behalf of Motorsport Australia, I would like to thank the Queensland Minister for Tourism, Innovation and Sport, the Honourable Stirling Hinchcliffe MP and the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport for this generous grant.”
Click here for more information on the FIA Girls on Track program.
The first FIA Girls on Track workshop in 2022 will take place in Phillip Island on 18 March, while Norwell Motorplex hosts the first Queensland edition on 18 July.
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