New EV training now available

Monday 18 July, 2022
Photo: chuttersnap (Unsplash)
Following the recent release of Motorsport Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) regulations, a new training course is now available on the Learning Management System.
The ‘Electric Vehicle Safety Awareness Module’ is designed for Motorsport Australia officials to learn more about how to manage EVs at events and further understand the EV Appendix which was released last week.
The course can be completed by logging in to the Motorsport Australia Member Portal, and then clicking ‘training’, and then found in the list of ‘courses’.
The launch of the training also coincides with Motorsport Australia’s first webinar on electric vehicles, which is taking place on Tuesday 19 July at 7pm. Anyone wishing to find out more about the webinar, and to register, click here.
If you are unable to attend the webinar, a replay will be available on Motorsport Australia’s website shortly after.
Meanwhile, a detailed FAQ has also been provided for the benefit of competitors, officials and event organisers, which can be read here.
The regulations that have been released will permit Series Production EV’s to participate in the EV permitted event types. A Series Production EV is defined as ‘an EV produced by a manufacturer, approved for and able to be registered for general road use which is used in a Competition’.
Click here to read the 2022 EV Appendix.  
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