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Motorsport Australia’s insurance provider, Gallagher, has provided the below information for clubs, event organisers, officials and participants.

What happens if I schedule an event without adhering to Motorsport Australia or the government’s guidelines?

Your event will not be covered.


All events must meet Motorsport Australia’s COVID-19 guidelines, as set out in the Return To Race strategy document, as well as making sure events are run in accordance with the relevant government restrictions in your state.


Motorsport Australia staff reman on standby to assist all event organisers to understand their responsibilities when hosting events, and if it is possible to do so under the respective state government restrictions.

If we can meet all requirements, will our event be insured?

Yes. When restrictions lift and the club abides by Government and Motorsport Australia rules and regulations, clubs and event organisers will be insured for the running of those events. 


Please note, whilst the policy does not exclude COVID-19 related claims, it is important to note that any reckless or wilful breach of any social distancing or other such regulations would jeopardise cover under the policy and the insurer may refuse to provide cover if the club has been reckless in the staging or management of any event.

Does the Personal Accident cover apply if I contract COVID-19 at an event?

The Personal Accident policy will not apply to participants or voluntary workers (including officials) if they were to contract COVID-19 whilst attending a Motorsport Australia sanctioned event as this policy is for ‘Accidental Injury’ only, not illness, as has always been the case.

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