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Track: Circuit
Type: Timed laps
Benefit: Give drivers a feel for what it is like to drive at speed around a race track

How does it work?
Usually, just one or a small number of vehicles are let out at once and have to complete a certain number of laps as quickly as possible.

Whilst sprints are not actually races, they provide a fabulous test for car and driver alike.


Track: Dedicated hill climb venue or closed public roads that have been upgraded for this event
Type: Timed
Benefit: Great way for drivers to practice their car control skills

How does it work?
Hill climbing is a type of car racing that involves a single car on a track racing against the clock.

Part of the skill involved in hill climbing is learning to drive the car quickly without the opportunity to warm tyres and brakes.


Track: Car parks or skidpans
Type: Precision driving
Benefit: Great test of car control at low speeds

How does it work?
The aim of an Autotest is to drive your car around a memorised course, as quickly as you can without hitting any cones.

Autotests consist of motorkhanas, khanacross and Observed Section Trials


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