Media Accreditation Policy

Photographers, videographers and journalists renewing or applying for Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation MUST read the Policy before renewing or applying for accreditation.

The Policy contains important information about the application process as well as outlining key rules which you must follow at each event to enhance your safety.

Social Media Policy and Guidelines

Motorsport Australia and the Australian Officials Commission have put together the Social Media Policy, and accompanying guidelines for the use of social media.

The Guidelines have been developed to primarily assist officials and event organisers to ensure social media is used in a responsible and positive way.

The Guidelines are useful to send out to officials prior to the meeting or to post up in a visible location during an event.

Other Resources


Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance - Journalists' Code of Ethics CLICK HERE

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) information about Drones, model aircraft or Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) CLICK HERE

Media Accreditation Levels


Bronze Accreditation

Bronze accreditation is the entry-level category and indicates that the photographer is and active at local club and state level motorsport events. 

Typically, the photographer will focus mainly on servicing their local motorsport community including clubs, competitors, event organisers and local media outlets. Bronze level accreditation does not provide access to top level motorsport events. It is intended for use at a club and state level as a means to gain experience in the industry.

First time applicants may only apply for Bronze accreditation.


Silver Accreditation 

Silver accreditation indicates that the photographer is competent, experienced and active as a motorsport photographer within their own state and that their work is currently being published. 

Whilst not limiting the photographer to operations within their own state, the photographer will need to show venue operators, event organisers or promoters at interstate events that they have an assignment which requires their presence and appropriate accreditation; and/or are striving to gain further experience in order to achieve Gold accreditation.


Gold Accreditation

Gold accreditation indicates a higher degree of professionalism in a commercial sense and that the photographer’s work is being published in national motoring and motorsport publications on a regular basis. Attendance at a number of national motorsport events is essential throughout the season. 

Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that a significant portion of their income is derived from the provision of their published works and photographic supply.

Note: Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation does not entitle holder automatically to Supercars Media Accreditation


Benefits of Accreditation

Having Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation makes a clear statement to event organisers about the quality of your portfolio, that you are bound by the Motorsport Australia Media Policy and that you are endorsed by Motorsport Australia. Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation is highly recognised by event organisers.

Many event organisers may restrict access to certain areas of an event to those who hold Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation. Those without Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation may not be able to access areas beyond those available to general spectators.

You receive personal accident insurance through Motorsport Australia which provides for a certain amount of compensation in the event that you are injured. Without this insurance you will not be covered by Motorsport Australia for any injuries you suffer at an event.

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