Motorsport Australia Passenger Ride Activity

A motorsport passenger ride activity is an event (which may be held as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with other sessions during an event) on a course where a passenger is carried in a vehicle at speed. A ride activity allows non-competitors to experience a demonstration of motorsport in a controlled environment.

Providing non-competitors with a demonstration of the sport via a passenger ride is a fantastic and important opportunity – it is a great way to encourage future participation in motorsport, be it as a competitor, official or spectator. A passenger ride should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, conducted in a manner that is as safe as possible.


FAQs: Motorsport Australia Passenger Ride Activity

Why do we need the Policy?
What disciplines will the Policy apply to?
Who is responsible for ensuring that ride activities are undertaken in line with the Policy?
What are the operational requirements for the Clerk of the Course?
What are the administrative requirements of the Policy?
What are the requirements for the track or course?
What are the operational requirements for the driver?
What apparel must be worn by the driver and passenger during a ride activity?
Who is responsible for providing the apparel to the passenger?
At what age can someone take part in a passenger ride activity?
Is there an upper age limit or other restriction for a passenger to take part in a ride activity?
Does the Policy apply to official vehicles at an event?
How does the Policy apply to an event which has existing passenger regulations?
The Passenger Entry form requires a Health Statement to be completed by each applicant. How is this assessed for participation of the applicant in a ride activity?
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