In order to fulfil our obligation to our own Safety 1st Strategy, we need to identify and treat risks in a common manner, and one which complies with the legislative requirements of the OH&S/WHS Acts.

Motorsport Australia has, through wide consultation with its members, established both a process and a form to record the identification, ranking, and control, and checking of risks in motor sport held under its auspices.

The 'form' which will be used to record risks is the 'Targeted Risk Assessment' form.

It is important that this form be filled out in a common, and logical manner. This paper has been assembled to assist the understanding, and logic behind the form, and to assist in the process of assessing risks.

Assessment of risk can be undertaken in different ways, depending upon the experience, information, time and other resources that are on hand.

Most of our assessments will be undertaken using a 'qualitative assessment' method, which means they will be based on information gained primarily through our training, and experience of the matter at hand, rather than reference to statistics and mathematical probability.

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