Club Affiliation with Motorsport Australia  

Re-affiliating your existing car club with Motorsport Australia can be easily completed online through the Club Administration Portal.

This can be found within the Motorsport Australia Member Portal by simply clicking on the 'Club Administration' tab on the left-hand side.


What can I update in the Club Administration Portal?

  • Your club's details
  • The disciplines your club participates in
  • Officer bearers and key contacts
  • Club owned/operated motorsport venues
  • Complete your club's annual affiliation renewal

The Club Administration Portal is an important tool for your club's activities and will assist Motorsport Australia to help tailor our service offerings, advice on potential grant opportunities, and more.


Local Contact

Regional Development Officers are available around Australia to assist clubs and their representatives with issues that they face in the operation of grassroots sporting organisations. Click here for more information.

Want to find out more about Motorsport Australia Affiliation? Email us at [email protected].
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