Help Guide: Enable Check-In to your event

A new feature within Motorsport Australia's Event Entry system is the ability for entrants to check-in through the Motorsport Australia App.


It is an optional feature, but it is a simple and efficient method of signing competitors in to your event.


This feature will automatically generate your venue's location, and Check-In date/time, as per your event's details.


Your venue's Latitude & Longitude coordinates should be automatically generated, but you can customise this setting if required. If there are no coordinates, you can use Google Maps to find your location's details.


You can also set a distance where the check-in feature can be enabled - by default, it will enable check-in two kilometres outside your venue. This parameter can also be adjusted.


Be sure to set the correct date and time when Check-In begins and ends.


Detailed instructions and a thorough help guide are also available within Event Entry, by simply clicking on the '?' icon on the top right page header.


Click 'Save' to confirm your event's details.


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