An International Licence allows participation in events on the FIA International Sporting Calendar. In accordance with FIA regulations, these licences expire on the 31st of December every year.

International Licences are essentially an extension of those offered at the Clubman/National level, though there are additional medical and maintenance requirements involved in obtaining and retaining the licence.

Refer Appendix A, GR03 Licences, Motorsport Australia General Regulations.

The FIA have implemented changes to the medical requirements for ALL international licence holders for renewals/applications processed from 2023 and beyond.

As part of these changes the following additional information is now required to renew/apply for an International Licence with Motorsport Australia, or other ASN around the world.

  • All applicants 44 years and under must undergo a ‘12-lead Electrogram every two years’.
  • Meanwhile, applicants 45 years and over must complete a cardiologists’ consultation every three years.
    (Applicants aged 45 years and over will require a cardiologists review and clearance letter, as well as any other tests that cardiologist may deem appropriate.)

We understand these changes may require some extra time when renewing your licence application, however they are now a compulsory component of your International Licence as stipulated in Appendix L to the FIA International Sporting Code.

These changes came into effect on 1 January 2023. 

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