Successfully completing an Observed Licence Test is a critical component of receiving your racing licence.

It gives you the opportunity to show you have a basic understanding and knowledge of manoeuvring a vehicle at high speeds to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Motorsport Australia approved instructors observe your ability under modified race conditions, with OLTs held throughout the year.


Motorsport Australia will send you an email with an Online Lecture to complete. A Pre-Licence Authority will allow you to participate in an OLT to complete your application.


Book in an OLT, or contact a Motorsport Australia accredited private provider


Obtaining a licence without an OLT

To obtain a Provisional Circuit licence without completing an OLT, you must have completed either (only Motorsport Australia events)

• Five super sprints, or regularity, within two years
• Two tarmac rally events within two years
• Or hold a Karting Australia B Grade licence or higher, or hold a Motorsport Australia NSK/ISKC licence.

If you have done the above, send your application and a copy of your five (5) results to our member service team [email protected], and state that it is to go towards your application. After which you will need to complete the online circuit lecture which will be forwarded to you.

Note: To upgrade from a Provisional endorsement, you will need to complete three (3) race meets. Track side participation is no longer required.


OLT for Circuit, Off Road, and Rally

Circuit: OLTs can be conducted during the practice event of any state motor race round (except Victoria). The PLA is to be signed by the Clerk of Course. Contact a State Championship event organiser to arrange your OLT.

Off Road: Your OLT is completed at the Prologue of an event. with the PLA signed by Clerk of the Course.

Rally: An OLT is required if you are under 25 years of age. It is conducted by entering two Non-Speed or Speed events, with the PLA signed by the Clerk of the Course.


Approved Private Operators for a Motorsport Australia Observed Licence Test

New South Wales
Please be aware that OLTs which are not conducted at an official Motorsport Australia permitted event are not sanctioned or conducted by Motorsport Australia, even where conducted by a Motorsport Australia approved OLT provider. OLT applicants at such events are not covered by Motorsport Australia insurance and it is the responsibility of each OLT applicant to assume the risk of participating in that activity. Motorsport Australia assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage which may be suffered by an OLT applicant as a result of their participation.
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