Safety and Risk Management

Safety in motorsport is paramount.

All organisations and indeed all persons involved in motorsport in any capacity, be they drivers, co-drivers, team members, officials, media, organisers, promoters and motorsport contractors owe obligations and have responsibilities under the relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation in each state and territory of Australia.

It is an obligation under law for all individuals and organisations to satisfy the requirement of the various OH&S legislation. Organisations must demonstrate that they have safe systems of work in place which provide evidence that the workplace is as far as practicable, without risks to the health and safety of all persons attending the event.

This obligation applies not only to persons involved with the organisation of all events held under the sanction of a permit issued by Motorsport Australia, but also to Motorsport Australia itself.


Rally Media Safety

Rallying is one of Australia's most exciting and dynamic disciplines of motorsport, however it comes with risks.

Before you prepare to cover an event as a photographer or videographer, please consider your own personal safety at a rally stage.

Watch the above video to get some quick tips on where to be best positioned to safely capture the spectacle of rallying.

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