Use of rain lights in race events

Monday 10 December, 2018
Rain lights will become mandatory for all vehicles competing in race events from 2020.

Rain lights will become mandatory for all vehicles competing in race events from 2020, with competitors encouraged to begin using them from 1 January 2019 onwards.

This applies to all race events on closed circuits across all levels of motor sport.

Whilst previously reserved only for first category vehicles, or where specific category regulations required their use, the CAMS Manual - General Requirements of Automobiles Schedule C will be updated to define the requirements for the installation of a rain light on each competition vehicle for race events.

Where fitted a rain light, must be switched on when so directed by the Clerk of the Course or their representative, as defined in the CAMS Race Meeting Standing Regulations.

Click here to download the full list of FIA approved rain lights. 

See below for a breakout from the manual regarding rain lights. 

Stalled Car Warnings

An investigation into a system for the better management of a stalled car on a start grid is also being undertaken by CAMS.

This investigation will seek to providing motor sport competitors with a better outcome when dealing with a stalled or slow moving car at the start of a race. Further details will be advised in due course.



Schedule C

(a) A rearward facing red warning lamp, acting as a rain light, must be clearly visible from the rear and mounted not more than 100mm from the centreline of the car. Each lamp must:

   (i) be of at least 15 watts, or an LED lamp with FIA or CAMS approval may be used and may strobe; and

   (ii) have a minimum surface area of 20cm2 and a maximum surface area of 140cm2; and

   (iii) be able to be switched on by the driver when normally seated in the car.

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