Motorsport Australia launches new member portal

Monday 24 February, 2020
The new Motorsport Australia portal is available to all members.
Motorsport Australia is proud to announce the unveiling of its brand-new Member Portal and Event Entry systems, which is now online for all members.
The new portal is loaded with a range of fresh features, allowing Motorsport Australia members to have a more user-friendly experience online.  
Current licence holders can now log into the new portal, but you will need to pre-register first in order to be able to use it – for security reasons, you will need to enter a new password. It is a process which will take less than a couple of minutes.
The main change to the portal are the new Event Entry features which now caters for rally and off road, improved garage number tracking, extended report options and allows competitor check in - all in the one location.
Unlike previous versions of the website and portals, all Motorsport Australia related systems, like Event Organiser now navigates users back to the new Motorsport Australia website.
As a result of the new website features, an Upcoming Events button has been added to the home page, giving members the opportunity to stay updated with all the latest grassroots events happening around the country, as well as their key dates. 

The new portal also includes a tidier and improved Licence Check Report and more structured website format, allowing navigating through website to be simpler and cleaner.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca was delighted with the new portal, and was confident it would help members with their overall experience on the Motorsport Australia website.
“We’re really pleased with the new portal and how it will assist Motorsport Australia members due to it being much easier to navigate through,” Arocca said.
“The change to the new system has been a long time coming and we know it’s going to be very beneficial for our members due to its simplicity.
“We have undergone a number of a changes over the past 12 months and this update is just another step in the right direction as we look to continue growing motorsport in Australia.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank IT companies InWolk and Melbourne App Development, along with our own Paul Roccasalva, Michael Herlihy and Rod San Mateo for their hard work in creating this impressive portal.”
The development of the portal has been in the works since Motorsport Australia first shifted to a new website interface early last year, with all portal aspects addressed to improve the system for both existing and new members.
All Motorsport Australia members are encouraged to utilise the new portal and get familiar with it ahead of when they require it to avoid any last-minute issues.
For any questions and assistance with the new portal, members can call the member hotline on 1300 883 959 during business hours.
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