Return To Race protocols updated

Tuesday 07 July, 2020
As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Motorsport Australia is also updating its Return To Race document to adjust to changing circumstances around the country.
The updated Return to Race Strategy Matrix provides event organisers with the criteria that need to be met in the relevant Event and Venue Plan documents. This matrix should now be considered in line with the government requirements in the relevant State or Territory that an event is to occur. It also highlights the consideration of border or travel restrictions that may be applicable.
Director of Motorsport and Commercial Operations Michael Smith said the document had been well received and ongoing updates were made as the situation changed.
“On behalf of everyone at Motorsport Australia, I’d like to thank our event organisers and competitors for their support and hard work in protecting the motorsport community from the risks COVID-19 presents,” Smith said.
“As everyone is aware, each state is facing different restrictions and requirements which can change from week-to-week, so there may be some differences between events – but ultimately, the Return To Race document highlights the requirements that still need to be met, no matter where the event is held.
“We will continue to offer our support and guidance to all event organisers now and into the future as we deal with this ‘new normal’. We’re excited to see motorsport back up and running in each state and look forward to seeing even more events held in the weeks and months ahead.”

The updated Return To Race document, along with Motorsport Australia’s dedicated COVID-19 Resource Centre, can be found here.