New Geelong motorkhana pad ready for business

Thursday 12 May, 2022
The Geelong Motor Sports Complex has a brand-new sealed Motorkhana pad.
The Geelong Motor Sports Complex has officially completed a major upgrade courtesy of the Victorian Government.
Receiving a grant of $500,000 from the State Government, the complex was able to complete a number of important projects in order to improve motorsport participation within Geelong.
Its biggest undertaking was to add a bitumen area to its gravel motorkhana pad that would elevate it to world-standard status for competition and training.
The new motorkhana pad is 100 metres long and 40 metres wide and allows clubs plenty of room to run multiple tests simultaneously for future events.
In addition to the pad, the funding also allowed the complex to purchase extra water tanks, order a portable medical and admin hut with air-conditioning, a portable generator and medical equipment and to upgrade some sections of the current fencing system with proper security fencing.
The financial grant doesn’t just assist the complex in those much-needed upgrades, but also helps it economically as they will be able to generate extra funding through hiring out the facility.
Geelong Motor Sports Complex secretary Graham Harrison was thrilled with the assistance and believed it played a major role.
“The feeling of getting this $500,000 grant offered by the Vic Government back was a godsend for the Geelong motorsport clubs,” Harrison said.
“The benefits of the motorkhana pad are unlimited because of the extra income it should generate. It should help expand our Junior Development program and raise the profile of the complex for future funding.
“The complex was in dire need of progression and that could not be achieved without this funding as all work is done by the club's volunteers.
“We are also thankful to Motorsport Australia especially the help from Daniel Gorgievski, the deeper relationship we have with Motorsport Australia since the Geelong Motor Sports Complex has become affiliated with Motorsport Australia in its own right has been of great value.”
The facility’s newest upgrades are currently ready for use.
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