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Tuesday 17 May, 2022
Motorsport Australia has teamed up with the Rainbow Sporting Alliance.
Motorsport Australia has signed up to the Rainbow Sporting Alliance through the ‘Proud2Play’ initiative.
The announcement comes on IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia), with Motorsport Australia eager to play a leading role in supporting an inclusive environment for all members.
The Rainbow Sports Alliance is an organisational membership that brings together sporting organisations and local governments to make sport and active recreation a more welcoming space for the LGBTIQ+ community and to champion change through education, advocacy and networking.
Motorsport Australia has already been part of one event in recent weeks, with the ‘Pride In Motorsport’ panel discussion held during the week of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said it was important for all members of the community to feel welcome at motorsport events.
“We are proud to sign up to the Rainbow Sporting Alliance and the Proud2Play initiative,” Arocca said.
“In our recent member survey, our members emphasised to us that we use our position as the governing body to ensure the sport remains inclusive and welcoming for all.
“This partnership is an important step that is part of our ongoing work in the diversity and inclusion space. Motorsport is for everyone and without question, it needs to be both safe and inclusive.”
Proud2Play CEO Christine Granger thanked Motorsport Australia and the wider motorsport community for its support.
"It is with great pleasure that we welcome Motorsport Australia to the Rainbow Sports Alliance,” Granger said.
“To be able to support Motorsport Australia on their journey to creating safe and inclusive spaces across their sport is something we very much look forward to. 
“There is a great appetite in the community for this partnership as was shown by the interest in our F1 event. We look forward to growing this work and the opportunities it brings for our communities.”
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