Families thriving with Mini club

Saturday 16 March, 2019
The Victorian Mini Club is located between turn eight and nine at Albert Park.

There is more to the Victorian Mini Club than being just a club for Mini enthusiasts - it’s a family club. 

Boasting a healthy membership tally in the hundreds, the club prides itself on being inclusive of people from all walks of life, young and old or any motor sport enthusiast no matter the car they own. 

This year will be the 10th year that the club is on display at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix and it is currently located between turns eight and nine at the Albert Park circuit.

Each year, the display features an eclectic mix of 20 different Minis from all eras, ranging from the 1960s, 1970s to the present. It’s also open to any of the club's members to take part in the event and share their stories with the thousands of fans who enter the gates. 

There is no segregation within the club, especially when it comes to helping members find their niche, compete in their Mini or just passing on the knowledge that has been carried within the generations of family members since the club formed in the 1950s.

Current club member Michael Scott has been involved with the club for over nine years, despite taking a break in between to focus on starting his own family and he loves the positive vibes his car gives off.

“You see the different types of cars that are out there and it’s a bit a throwaway society, but you look at the history that is here with these minis and it's just fantastic,” Scott said.

“Having a Mini is having a car to enjoy it, I can put my kids in my car and go for a drive and they themselves have been accepted into the club as members. People see a Mini and they smile, it’s a car they like to see because it’s iconic and it makes them happy.

“You think of all the bad news you hear everyday and it’s fantastic to be able to go out and make people happy because it’s fun car.”  

As for the club itself, Scott believes the people that make up the club is what makes it so special.

“They’re a great group of people, there’s a lot of knowledge and a lot of history behind the club,” Scott added.

“For an event like this, we have range of Minis because we invite all the new cars and not just the historics because we want people to understand all the types that we have- we don’t like to segregate.

“There’s a lot of opportunities at this club and they do a lot for kids to help them starting out such as getting them involved with motorkhanas and so on.

“There is a lot of awareness within the club around our kids and cars. They’re focused on building the younger community because they’ve got the appreciation for the vehicles and they are the future of the club.”

While the members relish the opportunity to put the cars on display and showcase their pride and joys, the club still manages to hold standard events such as monthly meetings, race meetings, club runs, hill climbs and show and shines. 

However the Mini's major event, which draws owners from around the nation every year is the Mini Nationals and this year it will be celebrating it’s 60th anniversary. 

The event which sees the biggest gathering of Mini cars all in the one spot involves a variety of motorkhanas, car shows and entertainment all in the name of one of those most iconic cars in history. 

Click here for more information on the Victorian Mini Club.

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