Ballment claims gold in Charters rally sprint

Wednesday 20 March, 2019
Kev Ballment and granddaughter Annika have won 2019 Charters Towers Go for Gold Rally Sprint.

Kev Ballment has put on a dominant display at the 2019 Charters Towers Go for Gold Rally Sprint to claim victory by more than 90 seconds over his nearest rival. 

Driving alongside his granddaughter Annika, Ballment took out the opening six runs of the event with ease before dropping the seventh run to Lee Williams and Tom Bell by two seconds.

After losing the seventh run, Ballment bounced back straight away and won the eighth along with the next three runs to complete a near perfect event. 

Despite Williams and Bell’s attempt to claw their way back into contention, taking out the one run and finishing within five seconds of the leader on four occasions, their attempts were in vain as Ballment had built a gap of more than seconds after just the first two runs. 

In the same two opening runs, Williams and Bell had other issues to worry about with Wes Turner finishing ahead of them and sitting pretty in second. 

However that is as good as it got for Turner as Williams and Bell finished faster than him in every run after to secure second place by more than a minute and a half, while Turner comfortably sealed the final step on the podium. 

The event wasn’t smooth sailing for all competitors though as five drivers failed to complete all their runs, including father-son duo Greg and Lachlan VanDinter, who were unable start the first four outings. 

However once they did get started, they were near the top of the remaining seven runs, finishing in the top three on five occasions and twice within three seconds of Ballment.

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