WA Speed Series to wrap as Every aims for PB

Thursday 05 December, 2019

After 13 thrilling rounds, the WA State Speed Series hosts its finale this weekend with Barbagallo Raceway to host the sprint leg of the 15-round series. 

With Christmas just around the corner, the series’ final sprint round will take on a festive role as drivers have between four and five runs on the Barbagallo track in an attempt to get the fastest lap time over their fellow competitors.

Ahead of the final round, series leader Marcel Every holds an unassailable lead over the second placed Ray Ferrari after the previous round was cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions.

Despite not scoring any points at any of the previous three rounds, Every will be crowned champion at the conclusion of the event with a maximum of 25 points available and Ferrari 26 points behind him.

With the series now done and dusted pointwise, Every will focus on trying to improve on his own performance.

“I would have loved it if the series was still open so I could try a bit harder but I am just going to go out and try to beat my personal best,” Every said.

“In this car, I haven’t had a proper run at Barbagallo because we have always have rain or oil on the track so I have never had the opportunity to do a really good session.

“The aim for me is to get the car to run a low 60. I’ll be up against a few other skylines who get around the same times so that’s all I will be focused on seeing as the series is over.

“At the end of the day though, it feels good to have won. I have been in the series for six years and this the first time I have actually won, so I am very happy.”

The series last met at Barbagallo for the Sprint leg in September and it was Thomas Hamlett who posted the fastest time, only for the second placed Peter Morley to be awarded the victory post-event.

Hamlett went on a superb role following the series’ eleventh round, claiming two well deserved round wins at Collie and cementing himself as lead contender in the series' future.

Unfortunately for the first-year driver, he will not be in attendance at the season finale, leaving the likes of Cosi Sorgiovanni and Morley as the drivers in contention for a final round victory.

As for the first-time series winner in Every, he is just raring to get out there having not competed at Barbagallo for a while.

“I haven’t done too much preparation for this weekend,” Every added.

“I broke an axle at Collie so I worked pretty hard to get it ready for Jack’s Hill but that didn’t go ahead, so the car has been sitting there ready to go.

“I’m not expecting to win as my car is not able to run mid 50s like some of the other guys. There are always some better cars at Barbagallo. Cosi is also really fast in his Dallara so he’ll be one to watch.

“With this said, I am really looking forward to it. The weather is looking good because it’s cooled down a bit and no rain is in the forecast so it’s going to be great. We’re going to be there will bells on.”

The WA state Speed Series holds its final round at Barbagallo Raceway on 8 December