IWD: Miniac's big dream

Friday 06 March, 2020
Mini car advocate Casey Price is aiming high in her pursuit of a motorsport career.
Whether it’s opera singing, riding on horseback or racing, Casey Price has always been one to stick out of from the crowd.
As an advocate for the popular Mini car, Price has done wonders since she first switched horse riding for a different kind of horsepower and began to make her mark on motorsport, inspired by her father.
Price made her competitive debut back in 2018, lining up at the Lufra Hillclimb and the Tasmanian enjoyed a dream start to her career, winning the event outright after using an unconventional method to get her the win.
The following year, the self proclaimed ‘Miniac’ went back-to-back in the hill climb, which had never had a woman compete in it, let alone win it, during a rich 45 year history.
“I would have to say my best career result to date is Lufra back in 2018 because it was my first event ever,” Price said.
“In this hill climb, you need to nominate your own time and stick to it. It’s not necessarily about the fastest car, it’s how consistent can you be.
“I had won the event using a nursery rhyme. As I was driving, I was singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and matching it to all the gear changes and movements.
“It was a very unconventional way to win. But being the only girl to have won and knowing something unrelated to motorsport helped me secure the win, not once but twice, is pretty special.
“I am hoping to make it three-in-a-row this year and I’ll be continuing to drive the Mini.
“I love the car because it represents both sides of my personality which is one I am a female and two, it’s a underdog, aggressive and it can be really quick.

“People underestimate the Mini just as they underestimate me and I enjoy proving them wrong.”

Lufra hasn’t been the only place Price has defied expectation with the 23-year-old claiming class wins at a number of events, including in the 2018 Legerwood Hillclimb and earlier this year at the Poatina Mountain Rally.

Add a solid finish in the 2019 Targa Tasmania and Price has deservedly cemented herself as not just a decent female driver but as a legitimate contender at events she attends.
And while she is currently one of a many in a growing list of female drivers, Price is hopeful she can inspire more to join.
“I think I get the satisfaction knowing I can do the same thing as men can on the race track. I love being part of the atmosphere,” Price said.
“We still have a lot to offer as drivers and a big point of difference is that we are least out there having a go.

“When I’m at events where the no other females, I try 100 per cent so I can show the girls that it can be done and they should enter next time. I can see that happening as time goes on.

“In 2018, I was the only girl at Lufra, then the following year- there was another one at the event challenging me. Hopefully this year there will be more.  I hope it inspires girls who are starting out in motorkhanas and khanacrosses. They should really go for it.

“People often call me and attend the events I am competing on, so hopefully that female support turns into female entries.”

Price has no intention slowing down in 2020, competing in two rounds of the Motorsport Australia Targa Championship, the Motorsport Australia Tasmanian Circuit Championship and multiple hill climbs, including her Lufra three-peat attempt all part of a busy 15-event schedule. 

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