Motorsport driven with purpose

Thursday 02 July, 2020
The FIA has released a #PurposeDriven movement.

Motorsport Australia members are encouraged to get behind the FIA’s #PurposeDriven movement which aims to create a positive impact on the world using its worldwide platform of motorsport.

With a strong reach to motorsport fans around the globe and a large amount of resources, the FIA has established a range of goals it wishes to meet within the future, which it hopes will have a long term effect on the world. 

Some of the goals range from contributing to climate action and using technological innovation to assist industries such as healthcare, to more culture-sensitive issues such as eradicating systemic racism and inspiring positive behaviours around the world.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca was highly supportive of the new movement created last month. 

“Being in the public forum and having access to a platform where we can educate others, the FIA, along with Motorsport Australia and other ASNs, can make a difference in the world that we live in,” Arocca said.

“Creating an initiative like this allows us to do our part in reaching levels of harmony on significant world issues, as well as advocating economic, social and environmental benefits to our society.

“I strongly encourage our members to get behind this fantastic initiative in one way or another and help spread awareness.

"It is about doing the right thing to make our world more sustainable and co-operative. Actions can range from developing innovative environmental change policies or technology to simply standing up to racism.”

View the guidelines on the image below.

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