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Thursday 23 July, 2020
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Originally founded under the title of Datsun Sports Owners Club, it wasn’t long before the club rebranded as Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club found its niche in Victoria and created a family friendly environment dedicated to the iconic Nissan Datsun.

With the club recently celebrating a major milestone, caught up with club president, Tony Hall, to discuss all things about the club. 

When and why was the club established?
The club was founded by enthusiasts interested in the sport on 22 February 1968 and was initially guided by Mr Peter C. Eddy. 

At that time, it was known as the Datsun Sports Car Club which supported the Datsun roadsters, but by 23 June, 1969, the club’s first constitution was made, the name was changed to the Datsun Sports Owners Club, and shortly after, we became affiliated with Motorsport Australia. 

Around 1972 and 1973 the club became affiliated with the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA). Subsequently this club encouraged enthusiasts who owned Nissan Datsun Model vehicles including Prince vehicles to join.

Where is the club at now with member base number and what is the range of members?
We have a healthy number of people associated with the club with a 200 plus member base. We have a vast range of members too with the demographic reflecting passionate care enthusiasts from their early 20s all the way to their 80s.

What does the club focus on?
The NDSOC has multiple goals. More than anything though, there is a good social spirit in the club.

We offer many different types of activities for our members to attend, from social events such as club drives to motorsports, technical demonstrations and presentations.

There is lots of common knowledge amongst members and they are always keen to assist with the best advice on how to fix or improve cars of fellow members. More businesses are now supporting the members in the maintenance of their cars and the committee will continue to build this number.

Competition events are very popular and due to our affiliation with the MSCA, we have a body of clubs which compete through the year at various venues around Victoria. 

What has been a major highlight for the club over the past 12 months?
There has not been any specific highlight over the past 12 months, but some promising signs have been the increase of member participation at our events, the growth of interaction between ourselves and other clubs as well as improving our media communications to help promote the club.

Going back a little further though, the club did celebrate its 50th Anniversary back in 2018, making us the longest standing Nissan Datsun Club in the world. 

What is the club's biggest event every year and tell us about it?
The Xmas in July event held at the Caribbean Gardens is the highlight of the club’s event calendar. We have about 100 odd vehicles turn up to display their pride and joy. The cars range from the Datsun 120Y all the way to a modern Skyline GTR. Other clubs also join this day to display their vehicles.

What makes the club unique?
The NDSOC is a unique club from a performance heritage perspective. Both Datsun and Nissans have always had a range of uniquely styled and high-performance vehicles. These vehicles have traditionally been affordable, reliable, robust and consequently have a large following amongst car enthusiasts. 

As they provide excellent performance and value for money, car enthusiasts retain these vehicles for both motorsports and/or show and shines. 

The NDSOC is unique as it embraces the diversity and history of all models of Nissan, Datsun and Prince vehicles. It provides opportunities for members to interact and share knowledge amongst others who also own these vehicles.

What does it mean for the club to be affiliated with Motorsport Australia?
Having an affiliation with Motorsport Australia provides an opportunity for the NDSOC to encourage their members who have a strong passion for competition driving. 

It also provides other club members an opportunity to watch and support their peers race, as well as admire and appreciate the other marques including vintage racing BMW’s and Porsches, Corvette, Camaro, Lotus, Caterham, Renault Alpine, Austin Healy, the list goes on. 

This motorsport pathway also provides for networking and learning opportunities. 

Is there anything else you would like to add or highlight about the club?
The NDSOC is a wonderful club that have members that are passionate about their Nissan, Datsun and Prince Vehicles. No car is too small or large for this club.

The club prides itself on the assistance it can provide to its members as well as the camaraderie developed over the years. Club members are willing to share their technical expertise and stories about what they have achieved with their vehicles.

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