Grassroots key for rise in women participation

Friday 24 July, 2020
Venturi Formula E Team Team Principal Susie Wolff has spoken about the positive impact of grassroots motorsports.
Venturi Formula E Team Team Principal Susie Wolff believes the key to increasing women’s participation in motorsport around the world is focusing on the most basic level.
Speaking on the FIA Women in Motorsport’s social platforms through a live Q&A session with fans around the world, Wolff discussed a wide range of topics, including her racing career and her current position as a Team Principle, as well as touching on the impact of grassroots motorsport.
“For me, it all starts at grassroots level because while Formula 1 can be considered the pinnacle of our sport, you don’t just get there straight away, you have to start somewhere,’ Wolff said.
“And grassroots is where it all starts. There is so much being done at grassroots level because ultimately that should be an introduction into the sport, and it should be easy to step in to learn more.
“But it’s not just as a driver, it’s also the other side of the fence, from being a marshal to a scrutineer or even a journalist. It all starts at grassroots for everybody and that is where we need to make sure we have more women entered in the sport
“As much as there is more opportunity for women these days, we still need to be good at what we do. It comes down to talent, performance and doors won’t just open because of our gender.
“The sport is very performance based so if we increase the talent pool, then we will get more out of women moving up the sport.”
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