Commissions nominations now open

Thursday 20 August, 2020

Motorsport Australia is now accepting nominations for its newly created Commissions to run in 2021 and beyond.  

As recently announced, the Motorsport Australia Board approved the reduction in the current number of Commissions as part of the Motorsport Australia Recovery Taskforce’s recommendations to reduce the barriers to participation and administrative burdens.

Currently, there are seven Commissions, however in 2021 this will be reduced to three with a maximum of five people to sit on each Commission.

The new Commissions are:
• Motorsport Australia Motor Racing Commission
• Motorsport Australia Off Road Commission
• Motorsport Australia Rally Commission

Nominations are now open for all positions on these Commissions, including Chairs.

All nominations must be submitted to Trent Price at [email protected] by 5pm AEST, Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Click here to download the Commission nomination application form. 

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca believed the new structure would improve the overall efficiency of the sport and reduce barriers to participation, ensuring Motorsport Australia can continue to grow the sport in the years ahead.

“The Board believed these changes were necessary to ensure that the organisation can continue to rely upon the specialist expertise amongst our Commissions, but also to enhance the efficiency of our organisation,” Arocca said.  

“Since the pandemic hit, we have been working tirelessly and reassessing the way we operate to benefit our members, and because of this we have had to make changes to the way our organisation operates. 

“The reduction from seven Commissions to three will improve productivity and we are confident that this new structure will serve the organisation well in the future. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in all Motorsport Australia Commissions in recent years for their valuable contributions to our sport – a sport that is strengthened by the passion and knowledge of its volunteers.”

The responsibilities of those Commissions no longer in operation from 2021 will be taken up by internal Motorsport Australia committees to be announced soon, which will also include external volunteer support, particularly from those on the existing Commissions.

Click here to download the Commission nomination application form. 

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