Motorsport Australia takes part in RUOK day

Wednesday 09 September, 2020
Motorsport Australia will be part of Thursday's RUOK day.

This Thursday is RUOK day and Motorsport Australia is encouraging the entire motorsport community to get behind the national day of action.

RUOK day is an Australian government initiative aimed at promoting mental health and reminding Australians to ask each other “Are you okay?”.

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With 2020 providing many challenges to Australians as a result of COVID-19 and the restrictions that have impacted our sport, it’s now more important than ever to address the wellbeing of friends and family.

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Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca has encouraged everyone in the sport to take time out of their day check in on their fellow competitors, officials or club administrators and ask, “Are you okay?”

“Days like RUOK Day are extremely important as it gives people the motivation to help loved ones open up or even open up themselves,” Arocca said.

“As we are all well aware, this year has been very difficult for everyone, including those in motorsport, and I hope people take advantage of this opportunity to ask friends, family or even us here at Motorsport Australia for help if they need.

“Whether it’s just for a chat or a friend is in need, now is a great time to speak with your mates to check in on their wellbeing.”

With event restrictions preventing large gatherings in some states, those used to catching up at motorsport events may be missing out on catch ups or friendly chats with fellow competitors or officials.

Arocca said this factor meant it was important for those in the sport to keep an eye out for each other.

With various events now taking place in most states around the country, Arocca also paid tribute to the volunteer officials for their efforts in allowing the sport to resume safely.

“A big thank you must also go to all the Motorsport Australia officials who are playing their part and attending events around the country, allowing them to continue in a year where there has been very little motorsport,” he added.

“And to all Victorian officials and competitors who can’t get out at the moment, we are here to support you and again we encourage members from around the country to reach out to Victorians and show your support.

For more information on RUOK Day, click here.

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