A special thanks to a special group

Saturday 21 November, 2020
Officials from February's Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour.
Photo: Revved Photography

In a year where a worldwide pandemic has limited people from participating in or attending motorsport events, the appreciation for our sport and those who make it possible has never been more obvious.

And with motorsport slowly starting to ‘Return To Race’ there is a special group of people who the sport simply wouldn’t be possible without.

While their efforts are regularly acknowledged throughout the year, this weekend they will again be celebrated through the annual FIA Volunteers Weekend.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca thanked all 10,000 Motorsport Australia licensed officials for their hard work in 2020.

“We say it often, but this weekend again allows us to reflect on just how important officials are to the sport,” Arocca said.

“On behalf of everyone at Motorsport Australia, a big thank you to our 10,000 plus officials for the work they do at every event.

“This year especially, in challenging circumstances, Motorsport Australia officials have shown why they are some of the best in the world, with their dedication and loyalty to the sport on display.

“A fine example of the spirit among our officials was on show from those who were at the Australian Grand Prix in March. There was so much uncertainty around about what was going on, but without question, the muster tent was full on Friday morning with officials ready to go despite all sorts of rumours about the event’s cancellation floating around.

“Moments like these just go to show how passionate our officials are and further remind us how much they love our sport.”

The FIA Volunteers Weekend takes place around the world on 28-29 November.

Are you an official and have an interesting story in the sport? Email [email protected] with some details to share your story with us.

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