New app features released

Thursday 10 December, 2020
New functionality has been rolled-out for the Motorsport Australia app
The Motorsport Australia app will now allow competitors and officials to ‘check in’ to select motorsport events, making your motorsport experience even easier.
The check in tool can be found at the bottom of the app and will only be available where event organisers have enabled the feature when setting up an event with Motorsport Australia.
Your event organiser will be able to advise you if this feature has been enabled and they will also likely request you use this feature to speed up the process of checking in to an event, where previously licences needed to be checked and other forms filled out to mark your attendance.

If the check in feature has been enabled, you will only be able to check in if you are within 500m of the event – with the app using GPS technology to pinpoint your location.
In 2021, Motorsport Australia will further enhance the check-in process to include automated checks of licences, improved reporting for Event Organisers and plenty more. Video guides and webinars will be complementing these releases in the new year.
To utilise these new features at applicable events, you will also need to update your app, which is available on both the Android and Apple platforms.
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