Improving motorsport facilities across Victoria

Friday 19 February, 2021
Motorsport facilities will benefit from the latest Victorian Government funding opportunity.
(Photo: Chantel Collins)

Motorsport Australia, with the support of the Victorian Government, will take a forensic look at all forms of motorsport across Victoria, focusing on both facilities and participation.

The Victorian Government is providing $200,000 to support the initiative.

Motorsport Australia, on behalf of Motorcycling Australia, ANDRA, Karting Victoria, Motorcycling Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria, will develop a new Infrastructure and Participation Strategy, aimed at improving access to the sport at all levels.

As part of the project, Motorsport Australia will work with Ernst & Young to identify the current value of motorsport to the Victorian economy, as well as identify infrastructure needs and further opportunities to increase participation in the sport.

An audit of all facilities across the state will be undertaken, to provide a detailed understanding of infrastructure needs for all disciplines of the sport.

Any prospective new facilities will also be analysed to understand how they can help grow motorsport, the costs involved and the priority of these venues to the state.

When it comes to participation, the strategy will also focus on diversity and the opportunities for growth. It will also identify best practice models to encourage more women and girls to get involved in motorsport, including as competitors, officials and volunteers.

The strategy will also include the development of a 10-20 year implementation plan.

This news follows on from Sport and Recreation Victoria’s recent funding commitment to Victorian clubs affiliated with their respective government-recognised sanctioning bodies through both the Community Motorsport Program and Community Sport Sector COVID-19 Short-term Survival Package, where grants were made available to improve existing infrastructure as well as provide support to clubs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Motorsport Australia CEO, Eugene Arocca:

“The development of this Infrastructure and Participation Strategy for Victoria is something that will lead to significant improvements for our clubs and licence holders and all those involved in the sport,” Arocca said.

“As government-recognised sanctioning bodies, we know we are in a unique position where we can work closely with Sport Recreation Victoria to provide great benefits for the clubs and participants who love motorsport and simply can’t get enough of it.

“We thank the Victorian Government for their support of this project which will allow us to identify opportunities for the sport and provide new opportunities for both new and existing participants to get involved in the sport.

“Across Australia, it is well known that motorsport needs more venues and improved facilities to allow more people to experience the thrill of motorsport. The support of the Victorian Government is a great show of faith in the future of all forms of motorsport.”

Victorian Minister for Community Sport, Ros Spence:

“We’re backing motor sport across Victoria for the benefit of participants now and in the future," Spence said.

“The Government allocated $7.4 million to the Racing into a new era for Motor Sport initiative – this study is a crucial part of that investment.

“This is about setting a strategy to deliver the facilities that clubs and associations as well as racers, crew and fans need.”

Motorcycling Australia CEO, Peter Doyle:

“We thank the Victorian Government for their support of this project.

With a focus on improving Motorsport facility infrastructure and increasing participation, all clubs and venues are set to benefit from this initiative along with an improved experience for competitors, officials, volunteers, and spectators," Doyle said.

“The Victorian Government is delivering on its promise to Motorsport we thank them for the much-needed support to improve Victoria’s Motorsport facilities.”

Motorcycling Victoria CEO, Robert Mestrom
“Motorcycling Victoria thank the Victorian Government for supporting the Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy,” Mestrom said.

“We see this as in important step in finding opportunities to improve our facilities and increase participation in the sport."

Australian National Drag Racing Association CEO, Brett Stevens:

“We greatly look forward to participating in this strategy and to being a part of the new Infrastructure and Participation Strategy for Victoria which will result,” Stevens said.

“Alongside the Victorian Government’s Community Motorsport Program which was launched late last year, the announcement of this strategy is testament to the clear value motorsport represents to our communities and our economy.

“These initiatives backed by the Victorian Government will have a critical role to play in ensuring that motorsport in Victoria is best positioned to provide opportunity for clubs and participants well into the future.”

Karting Victoria State President, Russell White:

“We are thankful for the Victorian Government’s support for the Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy,” White said.

“This project will identify opportunities for Karting in Victoria and position the sport well into the future."
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