Easter done right in Raleigh

Saturday 03 April, 2021
Photo: Bruce Thomas Photography
The Raleigh Motorsports Association will enjoy a busy three days with club to run its inaugural Easter Motorsport Festival this long weekend.

Taking place from Saturday to Monday at Raleigh International Raceway, the New South Wales based club will be running a separate event for its members on each day, some of whom will compete across multiple days.

Starting off with a Single Release Sprint on Saturday, the event will see 20 drivers enjoy five sessions on the track, one of which will be qualifying and the remaining four to be four heats made up of three laps each.

Drivers will be allocated points based on the fastest times in each heat and the individual with the most points will take out the top prize.

On Sunday, the club will join up with Rally NSW for its Rallysprint S1 event where 14 drivers will compete multiple runs of the 3.1 km course.

On Monday, the largest field of the three-day festival will line up as 38 drivers contest in the Easter Monday rallycross – the first of four rounds this year.

Despite less numbers than usual, Raleigh Motorsports Association secretary Helen Haworth was looking forward to what she hopes will be the start of a successful event for the club.

“We’re really excited to be hosting the inaugural Easter Motorsport Festival this weekend,” Haworth said.

“We are expecting to see some great times over the three events and there are many different types of cars entered so it should be a fun and competitive weekend for all.

“A big thanks to Rally NSW for their support in Sunday’s rally sprint and although the numbers are lower than we expected, we are still pleased with the turnout as drivers are coming from as far away as Blayney on Easter.

“Raleigh has the only permanent Rallycross circuit in Australia and the response to our first ever Motorsport Festival has been very encouraging so I am very confident that the club will make it an annual event.”

Click here for more information on the event.

The Easter Motorsport Festival takes place in Raleigh and the Raleigh International Raceway on 3-5 April.

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