Girls On Track session shared unique insights

Thursday 13 May, 2021
Greg Rust was the latest guest on Motorsport Australia FIA Girls On Track Instagram live session, presented by D2N Technology Solutions.
Nadine Armstrong has shared an insightful conversation with popular motorsport presenter, Greg Rust during the latest episode of Motorsport Australia’s online FIA Girls On Track program, presented by D2N Technology Solutions.
Speaking in a one-on-one interview on Motorsport Australia’s Instagram channel, the duo touched on a variety of topics related to women in motorsport.
The father of two daughters has been in motorsport for more than two decades working in various media roles and has seen many changes occur during his time in the sport, having worked with some high-profile women in the process.
Remaining highly supportive of the expansion of women’s involvement, Rust believed the idea of motorsport being just being for men was rare nowadays and that there were plenty of women worthy of carrying any level of position in the sport.
“I think some of the misconceptions we have about women in motorsport are perhaps dated to what may have perceived going back many decades ago,” Rust said.
“What we are fortunate to have now are great ambassadors, role models and mentors that have done the hard work to get through the acceptance to be able to move into different areas because they are genuinely the best people for the job.
“It also means for the next generation watching this that it is possible (to have a career) in what may have been considered a very male dominated game in the 1960s and 1970s.
“To have race drivers who are young and those who are more experienced showing what they are capable of, and then those that are behind the scenes in some of the roles (in motorsport).
“That is immensely helpful for growing. You are not just shining a light on it.  We are actually letting people know that it is very real. What they are doing is that you too can have crack at if you want
“I think as a code and a sport, we are in very good shape in terms of what we are doing in this space, For me it is real. It is absolutely justified and I love the fact that it’s an even playing field.”
Armstrong echoed Rust's comments and was confident that it wasn’t just motorsport when the change of acceptance was happening.
“Motorsport and the auto industry in general is not unique in this area,” Armstrong added.
“We look at AFL and when I was growing up, there was no such thing as a female football team, we are seeing women thrive in that industry now.
“So it is a case of paving the way for future generations. And that’s what the Girls on Track program is about – giving girls aged 8 to 18 to really start thinking about a career in STEM and all the other things we can do in motorsport.”
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