Motorsport Australia to support World Environment Day

Thursday 03 June, 2021
Motorsport Australia is participating in this week's World Environment Day.
Motorsport Australia is encouraging members to support this year’s World Environment Day.
Taking place on Saturday 5 June, the annual event celebrates the planet as well as acts as a reminder for what everyone can do to help protect it.
Whether it be planting native Australian flora for bees, participating in a clean-up at your local beach or park or beginning a compost for your household – there are many small activities that can help contribute to the day.
Motorsport Australia also encourages members to look at their own behaviour and see if there are ways to make more environmentally friendly choices in their everyday lives.
World Environment Day is a time to pause, think about how our everyday actions impact the world around us and look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefits of generations to come. 
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