Annual Report now available

Wednesday 16 June, 2021
The Annual Report is available for download.

Motorsport Australia’s annual report for 2020 has been published.

Looking through the year that was, the report focuses on a number of key aspects for Motorsport Australia, including the latest financial reports. 

Click here to read the 2020 Motorsport Australia annual report.

While 2020 will always be remembered as a challenging year due to COVID-19, it also brought plenty of change for Motorsport Australia, including the official rebrand from Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS), the launch of a new smartphone app and a licence restructure. 

The publication also covers statistical highlights, memorable motorsport events of the year, a summary of the Board and an address from newly elected president, Andrew Fraser. 

As an introductory to the report, Fraser touches on the many difficulties that were presented as a result of COVID-19 and how Motorsport Australia came out better on the other side. 

“After many years of growth, we were suddenly faced with a significant decrease in revenue (51%, year-on-year) which forced the organisation to adapt quickly,” Fraser wrote in the report,” Fraser wrote. 

“As such, we had a responsibility to look at everything we did as an organisation and set about driving a radical simplification of Motorsport Australia’s processes to create a more efficient organisation prepared for the future ahead.

“The Board appointed a dedicated Recovery Taskforce made up of industry experts to provide recommendations across the sport and reduce the barriers to participation. The Board endorsed all their recommendations, and many have already come into effect.  

“In short, we’ve set about making it easier for more people to enjoy more motorsport more often as we ‘Return To Race’. Change is never easy, and by definition results in people who are less and more enthused than others.

“But change is inevitable and it is how we deal with change, and how we adapt that is most important. We believe the changes are in the longer term interests of the sport, and we will continue to listen to all views as we set a course for an uncertain future.”

Click here to read the full statement and the full report.

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