Clarification of Stewards findings

Wednesday 14 July, 2021
Motorsport Australia wishes to clarify parts of the Stewards’ decision handed down at the recent Supercars event relating to car #34 in Race 16.
Matt Stone Racing was initially charged for a breach of rule D17.1.17 in that the minimum tyre pressure on car #34 for both the left and right rear tyres was below the required 17psi on the grid prior to the race start.
Subsequent evidence has been presented following the Stewards’ Hearing to indicate only the one tyre was below the minimum pressures, not two as initially stated. Matt Stone Racing did not seek to challenge this charge during the Stewards’ Hearing. It has also been confirmed the Stewards’ decision lists an incorrect time of the breach in its findings, with data confirming the tyre was non-compliant from one minute prior to the formation lap until the car had reached turn three on the formation lap.
This new evidence has no material impact on the Stewards’ findings, the breach of the rule or the decisions handed down and as such, car #34 remains disqualified from Race 16.
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