Ricciardo's Racers accepting Queensland places

Friday 16 July, 2021
Photo: Dan Thompson
Popular Motorsport Australia junior development program Ricciardo’s Racers is now accepting entries for the next run of events in Queensland. 
Visiting every state around the country, Ricciardo’s Racers is a program aimed at helping young Australians aged 12–17 to learn the basics of motorsport and build their skills through fun exercises in a Ford Mustang. 
Attending the event are expert driver instructors with years of experience behind the wheel in both racing and driver education scenarios.
The Queensland edition will be run at Norwell Motorplex over two sessions towards the start of August.

Already, there have been multiple events across the country with each visit to Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.

Participants tackle a number of driving challenges under the guidance of the instructors throughout the sessions, as well as getting an opportunity to sit in the passenger seat and experience the Mustang at its peak.   

Having attended a session at Sandown earlier this year, young Liam Bradford praised the event and believed it had many benefits.  
“Ricciardo’s Racers is so much fun. The Ford Mustang provided is such a beast, it's an amazing car. The first time putting my foot down was a great feeling, especially that moment when you’re pushed back into the seat,” Bradford said. 

“Honestly, I enjoyed the slalom course the most, weaving through the cones and trying to get a good consistent lap time was my favourite part.  

“It was really cool having a Supercars driver like Andre (Heimgartner) there. He, along with the other instructors, were giving great feedback all day. The instructors were really helpful while we were driving in helping with our lines and how to take shallow corners.  
“I would definitely recommend this to someone who is thinking about doing it. It’s so much fun doing this sort of thing in a fast car like a Ford Mustang. It was just so amazing. 

“I will be doing it again in September because I had such a good time. I really recommend it." 

The Queensland edition of Ricciardo’s Racers takes place at Norwell Motorplex on 7-8 August. 
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