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Wednesday 21 July, 2021
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Motorsport Australia has updated its officials’ pathway, simplifying the opportunities for promotion through the ranks.  
As part of Motorsport Australia's update of the licence structures, the new pathway has been created to assist officials’ licence holders to better understand the opportunities for development and advancement as officials in the sport.  
Included in the 11-page document is a comprehensive guide and flowchart highlighting the pathway. It provides detailed information about the training models and assessments which support the development of Motorsport Australia officials.  
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said the addition of the new easy to follow pathway was important in helping officials understand how to up-skill. 
“Providing a clear and comprehensive guide for officials to follow a development pathway and build on their careers in the sport is all part of our plan to simplify engagement with our members,” Arocca said.  
“This booklet provides our officials with a clear and easy to follow guide on how to move up through to the bronze, silver and gold level licences.   
“We are very proud of our status as the peak national body for motorsport and the comprehensive officials’ pathway is a very important part of that recognition. It is the reason why our wonderful officials are acknowledged as amongst the best in the world and it is no accident that Michael Masi, the current Formula 1 Race Director, is a product of our development pathway.”
Motorsport Australia has also amended the current Licencing Accreditation Guide in order to reflect the licence structure created as a result of the radical simplification objective.
The guide also features updated information on Committees and contact details for key Motorsport Australia personnel. 
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