Crompton backs prostate testing push

Wednesday 29 September, 2021
Photo: MSA
Prominent Australian motorsport media personality Neil Crompton is the latest high profile name to show his support for Motorsport Australia’s Maxwell Plus partnership.
Earlier this month, Maxwell Plus joined forces with Motorsport Australia to combat the high rates of prostate cancer in men through an easy testing process.
The partnership allows Motorsport Australia members the opportunity to get tested at a discounted rate through Maxwell Plus, as part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
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The numbers behind the disease are alarming, with more than 3,000 men dying each year from prostate cancer.

However, if caught early, the survival rate is 98 per cent.
Five million men are at risk and one in six men will be diagnosed with the disease by the age of 85. 
In 2020, Maxwell Plus detected 33 cases with a median Prostate-Specific Antigen 65 per cent lower than the average and a median age seven years younger than the average age of 67. 
Thirty-Eight per cent of these cases would have been completely missed by the current guidelines and were instead caught by Maxwell Plus early.
Crompton, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year, was highly supportive of the program and believed that men need to take the disease seriously and get tested.

“In roughly March or April, I had a test and literally tripped over the fact that I had prostate cancer,” Crompton said in a video message to members.
“I have been subsequently operated on, everything has gone okay, and I have popped out of the other side with a maintenance release.
“I have a few components missing, but I am good to go. I am living proof that you need to get on and get yourself tested.
“I can’t commend this more highly. Get tested.
“Had I not done this somewhere between one to five years, it would have been a DNF for me. I would have been dead. It’s a serious topic.”
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