Huge boost for SA & WA juniors

Thursday 30 September, 2021
Photos: Turn 7 Media, Dan Thompson, Angryman Photography
The FIA Girls On Track and Motorsport Australia’s Ricciardo’s Racers program’s next wave of events are on the horizon, heading to West Australia and South Australia in October.  
A total of six events will be held over the next month with South Australia to run two FIA Girls On Track events and one Ricciardo’s Racers, while West Australia will run two Ricciardo’s Racers before finishing up with a FIA Girls On Track event.
Starting with two consecutive days of Girls On Track on 15 and 16 October , it will be a busy three days for The Bend Motorsport Park, who will then run Ricciardo’s Racers on 17 October. 
The following week, there will be two Riccardo’s Racers events on 23-24 October with Driver Risk Management in Perth and Wanneroo Raceway to host one event each. On 25 October, the Girls On Track program will then return to the Driver Risk Management Centre.
Both programs are aimed at growing participation in the sport with Ricciardo’s Racers helping young Australians aged 12–17 learn the basics of motorsport under the guidance of expert driver instructors through fun exercises in a Ford Mustang. 

Click here for more information on Ricciardo’s Racers.
Backed by Burson Auto Parts, the FIA Girls On Track program’s goal is to grow interest in STEM subjects and industries amongst schoolgirls through an activity filled day with the hopes of increasing female participation in these sectors.
Click here for more information on Girls On Track.
There are plenty of spaces available for all six events with interested Ricciardo’s Racers participants able to apply here
Any interested participants who would like to get a school involved with Girls On Track are encouraged to contact [email protected] for more information. 

Remaining schedule 

15 October – FIA Girls On Track - The Bend Motorsport Park
16 October – FIA Girls On Track - The Bend Motorsport Park
17 October – Ricciardo’s Racers - The Bend Motorsport Park 
23 October – Ricciardo’s Racers - Driver Risk Management, Perth
24 October - Ricciardo’s Racers - Wanneroo Raceway, Perth 
25 October – FIA Girls On Track - Driver Risk Management, Perth
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