COVID-19 update – NSW

Wednesday 06 October, 2021
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Motorsport events will begin to ramp up across New South Wales in the coming weeks, as the state reaches its 70 per cent double vaccination target.

On the Monday following the milestone, currently estimated to occur within days, motorsport events may take place across the state.

The following conditions will apply in New South Wales as part of the easing of restrictions:

• Clause 2.13 of the Public Health Order states that people can undertake sport and exercise at outdoor public gatherings in groups of up to 20. This figure includes participants, coaches and support staff and spectators/parents.
             o This will enable community sport training activities that are compliant with the Public Health Order to take place.
• Organisations are expected to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.
• As per NSW Government enforced guidelines, those attending events in NSW must be fully vaccinated. This is a clearly defined restriction outlined by the NSW Government as part of its re-opening road map. 

In motorsport’s case, any event permits must meet the requirements laid out in Motorsport Australia’s Return To Race document and comply with all local restrictions, including vaccination requirements.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said staff were ready to assist those clubs and events who wish to host events in line with the easing of restrictions.

“It’s fantastic to see New South Wales achieving such a high rate of vaccination which will allow fully vaccinated people the opportunity to ‘Return To Race’ in the coming weeks,” Arocca said.

“For our event organisers, it’s important to note that it will be up to each event organiser and venue to manage the restrictions that are in place. As NSW opens up, the government has made it clear only fully vaccinated people may enjoy these extra freedoms, given the ongoing risks of the pandemic. Motorsport Australia supports this stance and will only issue permits to those who will comply with these restrictions. Put simply, this is a state government requirement that we are all required to comply with and there will be significant penalties in place for those who do not.”

With the weather warming up around the country and events returning in big numbers, Arocca said licence holders, both competitors and officials, will be in for a big finish to the year.

“It’s been pleasing to see those states that are not subject to any lockdowns continuing to hold motorsport events in a safe and responsible manner, but it’s fair to say the end of 2021 looks set to be even bigger and Motorsport Australia is ready to support all our clubs and event organisers planning on holding events across the country in any way we can,” Arocca added.

For more information, contact Member Services on 1300 883 959 or [email protected].
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