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Thursday 14 October, 2021
I want to hold my event in a state where only double vaccinated can attend, but given we are holding the event outdoors in a big spacious area, can we ignore this restriction?
No. The State Government directions are not negotiable. Motorsport Australia has no say in these restrictions and it is up to all of us to follow the rules. We understand a small number of people may choose not to attend your event, however breaking these restrictions could result in a significant financial penalty for event organisers.

My state doesn’t require double vaccination yet, can I still hold an event?
Yes, whatever restrictions apply in your state apply to your event. So, if no proof of vaccination is required, Motorsport Australia will continue to issue event permits in these states. All event organisers should be aware of any other restrictions that may apply, such as density limits.

Isn’t it discrimination to stop non-vaccinated people from attending?
If the State Government guidelines in your state require you to be vaccinated, there is no leeway on this. Whether it is first-aid requirements, laws around seatbelts and safety harnesses or in this case, vaccination status, Motorsport Australia and its events must comply with local laws and restrictions, along with Motorsport Australia regulations.

Clubs and event organisers should also be aware of the relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws that apply, and the requirements on making sure attendees are safe and not put at unnecessary risk.

How do I check if someone is vaccinated? Do I have to keep a record of this information?
Each state is likely to incorporate the vaccination certificate into its official check in app. The Federal Government’s MyGov system also allows people to download a vaccination certificate on to their phones. You do not need to keep a record of this.

Can’t Motorsport Australia add vaccination status to my licence?
No. This is not possible as there is no way for Motorsport Australia to verify a person’s vaccination status. The Federal Government does not provide access to their database for our two systems to talk to one another.

The State and Federal Government apps are the easiest way to check for proof of vaccination.

Will I need to have security guards checking vaccination status or can our club volunteers check certificates?
It is up to each event organiser/venue to determine how they will manage the entry procedure for their event. It is important to note the significant fines that could apply to your club if you do not comply with government requirements.

I’m holding a rally/off road event that is not in a closed venue and people can just walk up to the road and spectate, how can we check their vaccination status?
In a case such as this, there is no requirement to check vaccination status. However, at any designated spectator areas or service park/pits area, vaccination status must be checked upon entry. This would also include all officials and competitors.

If I can’t attend an event because of a vaccination requirement, I am being disadvantaged in my battle for the Series/Championship. How is that fair?
Vaccination requirements are a State Government enforced direction. If you are not vaccinated and do not have an exemption, you will be unable to compete as you do not meet the restrictions. Likewise, if you turned up to an event with a car that did not have seatbelts or safety harnesses installed, you would not be allowed to compete.

NSW has said that as of 1 December unvaccinated and vaccinated people can attend events, so why can’t we just all attend October/November events anyway?
Our events must operate on the restrictions and directions that apply in the area they are held and follow those restrictions that apply at that time, we cannot provide any flexibility in this space as the event organiser risks significant fines if they do not comply with state-based restrictions. Restrictions may change regularly as circumstances change and we will provide regular updates and support to clubs and event organisers.

Should Motorsport Australia really be encouraging vaccinations?
Motorsport Australia encourages all Australians to get vaccinated to help motorsport and Australia ‘open up’ and allow for the return of more events.

It’s very clear that most Australian states, as well as other countries around the world, will require vaccinations to attend events, retail outlets, stadiums and many other ‘everyday’ activities. Understandably, this includes many Motorsport Australia events – from grassroots club meetings through to Supercars rounds and the Australian Grand Prix.

It’s also very clear that any kind of travel will likely require proof of vaccination, which will impact all of us who travel within our own state or across the country to take part in state or national level events.

If anyone is concerned about vaccinations, we encourage you to speak with your GP and weigh up the risks and benefits. There are clear health benefits in being vaccinated, including a significantly reduced risk of hospitalisation or death. These vaccines are not experimental and have been through significant testing and research.
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