Motorsport Australia Vaccination Update

Thursday 14 October, 2021
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As Victoria, NSW and the ACT prepare for events to ramp up in the coming months, Motorsport Australia wishes to provide an update on how events can proceed.

With vaccination targets being reached across the country, more events are expected to return, while those in South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia continue to enjoy more motorsport.

In Victoria, NSW and the ACT, proof of vaccination will likely be required to attend public gatherings and events, based on information made public by each State Government.

This is a State Government requirement.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said event organisers and clubs needed to be aware of the restrictions that apply to their event and their attendees.

“In Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT, the respective road maps to re-opening outline that proof of double vaccination, or a valid exemption, must be provided,” Arocca said.

“This is not an option, or something that is negotiable, it is a government direction that must be adhered to and any club or event organiser that does not comply risks significant financial sanction and prosecution.

“Motorsport Australia will do its best to assist events taking place around Australia to understand and meet the requirements that apply at the time of the event. Any double vaccination requirement, based on State Government restrictions, will be listed in the event’s supplementary regulations.

“There is no leeway. These restrictions are in place for a reason, and vaccination requirements will protect everyone attending events, whether as competitors, officials or spectators.”

Arocca said those holding events in states where there is currently no vaccination requirement will be able to continue as planned, but urged organisers to consider their own duties to provide a safe operating environment and manage risks.

“For now, there are several states where proof of vaccination is not required and we continue to issue permits accordingly,” Arocca added.

“However, as borders open up around the country, we can expect that other states may soon follow suit on vaccination requirements and once they do, all Motorsport Australia events must be run in line with these restrictions and also our Return To Race document.”

“Our own Return To Race framework provides clear guidance on how to manage the risk and consequence of transmission of the virus – and Organisers who decide its appropriate to include vaccination requirements can consult with Motorsport Australia.

Motorsport Australia’s membership and permits team is available to assist event organisers and clubs with information on what they need to do to run events at the current time.

As restrictions will likely continue to change, those planning events will need to be mindful of any changes to government directions and how it may impact their event.

A separate FAQ on events is available to read here.
Motorsport Australia clubs and event organisers will also be invited to a webinar where a Q&A will be held to help those planning an event understand the requirements in place.
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