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Monday 18 October, 2021
Motorsport Australia and Driving Solutions will work together in building junior development of motorsport.
Motorsport Australia has partnered with Driving Solutions to grow the number of people getting involved in motorsport at a grassroots level.
Driving Solutions will assist Motorsport Australia in running a number of its key development programs, including FIA Girls On Track, Ricciardo’s Racers and FIA Rally Star.
Driving Solutions will also continue to run Motorsport Australia sanctioned track days, introducing new participants into Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs to take their next step in motorsport.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said the partnership built on a solid foundation of work that had already been undertaken with Driving Solutions in recent years.
“The team at Driving Solutions have a wide range of expertise and have been an extremely important part of helping us deliver our various programs through the ongoing COVID pandemic,” Arocca said.
“The feedback from these various events has been overwhelmingly positive, as more and more people get their first taste of motorsport at a range of different events.
“Any kind of driver training certainly has benefits for the wider community, but of course it also allows us to see more people getting a start in motorsport, whether through a track day or our popular Girls On Track, Ricciardo’s Racers, FIA Rally Star junior development programs.
“We’re thrilled to be formalising our partnership with Driving Solutions and look forward to a strong working relationship that will benefit our clubs and the sport through a boost in participation numbers.”
Driving Solutions Director James Stewart said together with the support of Motorsport Australia, their team have been working hard to see more people enjoying more motorsport.
“Working with Motorsport Australia in recent months delivering these wonderful programs has been a great outlet for drivers to follow their passion for cars and motorsport in a safe environment, away from the public roads,” Stewart said.
“There is a real benefit for everyone in motorsport to see these programs and track days up and running, as it inspires people to take the next step in the sport, join a car club and become a regular participant for years to come.
“We can’t wait to keep delivering these programs and Motorsport Australia sanctioned track days in 2022 and beyond.”

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