Commission nominations now open

Friday 12 November, 2021
Motorsport Australia is now accepting nominations for each of its three Commissions.
In 2020, a restructure of the Commissions saw the total number reduced to three, to provide better efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens on the sport.
Now, the three Commissions (Motorsport Australia Motor Racing Commission, Motorsport Australia Off Road Commission and Motorsport Australia Rally Commission) have been in operation for 12 months, providing valuable input into the sport, particularly as part of the ‘Return To Race’.
Click here to download a nomination form.
The Commissions play a vital role in providing strategic direction for their respective disciplines, working with the administration to encourage more people to enjoy more motorsport more often.
Those considering applying should be aware of the responsibilities that come with the role. As Commissioners are delegates of the Board of Motorsport Australia, they must meet the requirements of a Director under the Corporations Act 2001 and acknowledge that they are not disqualified from acting as such pursuant to sections 206A and B.
Each of the current Commissions has one position available for nomination, as part of the regular rotation of members.
All nominations must be submitted to Adrian Coppin via [email protected] by 5pm AEDT, 6 December 2021.
Click here to download a nomination form.
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