Helmet camera updates

Monday 15 November, 2021
The FIA has released information on helmet cameras.
The FIA and Motorsport Australia wish to remind competitors about appropriate use of helmet cameras. 

With helmet accessories recently gaining plenty of popularity as individuals look for another avenue to capture on board footage, there has been lots of research carried out into the safety of the cameras and only a select number of cameras are able to be used without cancelling out the protection helmets offer. 

The FIA Formula 1 and Formula E championships are among those utilising the helmet accessory, assisting teams and the host broadcaster with footage, however all cameras have been approved by the FIA.  

Each helmet seen during those international championships has been expertly developed and rigorously tested to make sure the cameras do not compromise safety. 

Competitors wanting to incorporate a camera onto the helmet must note that only helmets with cameras and accessories that are homologated to FIA Standards 8858, 8859, and 8860 will be accepted. Any modification or addition of non-approved accessories will cause the helmet homologation to be cancelled.  

If any camera or accessory is not listed on the FIA-approved accessory list for specific helmets, it is also void.  

For more information on what is complying with FIA standards, click here.   
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