Aussie F1 engineer to mentor Australian girls

Monday 10 January, 2022
Krystina Emmanouilides is the latest guest to feature on the online FIA Girls On Track program, presented by Michelin.
Sauber Motorsport employee Krystina Emmanouilides is hoping to inspire young girls to consider a pathway in Motorsport STEM.
After recently being named as an FIA Girls on Track Australia ambassador, Emmanouilides caught up with fellow ambassador Nadine Armstrong on the latest episode of the Motorsport Australia online FIA Girls On Track program, presented by Michelin.
Currently based in Switzerland, Emmanouilides works as a CFD Development Engineer for Sauber Motorsport’s Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN Formula 1 Team.
The Victorian’s position as ambassador won’t see her attending the workshops given she is based in Europe, however she will take on a mentor role where she will speak with girls one-on-one about working in motorsport.
The pair also spoke about a range of topics in relation to women in motorsport and Emmanouilides’ career, as well as the importance of STEM – which is a major part of the Girls on Track workshops each year. 
“I hope society getting rid of the norms of saying science and technology is just for men continues to improve. I am sure there are a lot of younger girls who are not exposed to these areas in the workforce or not encouraged to go into these areas,” Emmanouilides said.
“Things like mentoring programs and Girls on Track in general are important because you can give these young girls an experience of what it actually means to be in motorsport STEM.
“It’s so valuable because there are lot of misconceptions of what engineering is and there is no reason why girls can’t be doing these same exact jobs that are mostly taken by men in the motorsport industry.
“It’s the exposure of what it actually means and showing them they can have a good time while they are doing it, which is why things like Girls on Track are important.”
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Watch the chat between the two below or by clicking here.

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