Motorsport Australia Tarmac Rally Wet Tyre Definition

Tuesday 25 January, 2022
Photo: Otherside Media/Aaron Wishart
Motorsport Australia has released a Wet Tyre Definition for the purpose of Tarmac (Targa) Rally events.
This definition is based on one of the recommendations from the Targa Tasmania Investigatory Tribunal.
The Tribunal recommendation sought that Tarmac Rally event organisers, in conjunction with Motorsport Australia, make provisions for the usage of tyres that are suited to wet conditions in addition to those normally permitted.
Following preliminary consultation with Tyre Manufacturer representatives in Australia this definition has been provided for upcoming Tarmac (Targa) Rally events.
Click here to view the Definition in full.
The application of the usage of Wet Tyres in Tarmac (Targa) Rally events will be established by the specific Event regulations.
Note: This definition is subject to change by Motorsport Australia. The definition remains under review with further consultation with Tyre Manufacturers and Tyre Manufacturer representative bodies such as the Australian Tyre Industry Council, as requested by Tyre Manufacturer representatives in Australia.
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