Club Development Fund opens round one intake

Friday 29 April, 2022
The Sporting Car Club of SA used the Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund to buy safety equipment for Collingrove. (Photo: Sporting Car Club of SA)
The deadline to take advantage of the Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund’s first round is fast approaching with clubs having until the end of next month to apply.
Established by Motorsport Australia to help grow membership and participation opportunities, the program has seen more than $100,000 distributed to affiliated clubs since 2015. 
Clubs are encouraged to take advantage of the initiative as it provides them with the opportunity to increase membership and event participation, as well as support facility projects.
There are four different streams to which clubs can apply for grants under the Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund and these options include the purchase of safety and operational equipment, volunteer upskilling, women and girls’ participation and support for events and activities.
Click here for more information on the fund and how to apply.
Many clubs around Australia have been able to benefit from the fund in previous years and have put the money towards either existing schemes or creating new projects to grow the sport.
One of the clubs utilising the funding for the stream focusing on events and activities was the 500 Car Club of Tasmania, which put the financial assistance towards their already established KhanaKids Junior Program.
Targeted at schools and local organisations to attract participants yet to be exposed to motorsport, the program had welcomed more than 250 students into the programme with the funding assisting the continuation of events over summer.
Another club to receive funding, but instead put it towards a completely new project in the stream focusing on the volunteer upskilling and club capacity building was the New South Wales based Street Sedan Racing Association of Australia.

As recipients of the Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund, the club were able to build a new membership management system, which streamlined the membership processes and reduced the number of hours spent by volunteers on the manual processing of memberships.

“The Club Development Fund was a big help because we were able to get a membership system that we desperately needed,” Club Secretary Brent Howard said.

“Before we got it, we operated a manual based system with spreadsheets and it took many hours to keep track of annual membership renewals. 

“But with help of the funding, we were able to purchase the software system ‘Member Jungle’ which is quite cost effective and efficient and it allows us to send emails and track members whose licences have expired. It’s really versatile. 

“We used to operate on bank transfers or even accept cheques but that has now been eliminated. 

“I would highly recommend clubs take advantage of the Fund and for those with 100 members or more, looking into the system.”
Other examples of the successful applicants include the Sporting Car Club of SA getting funding for equipment to improve the safety of the Collingrove competition surface, under the Safety and Operational Equipment stream, while Townsville City Autosports Club created a completely new program called “Empowering NQ Women through Motorsport”

The initiative allows women and girls to experience the exciting world of motorsport through a range of areas including improving driving skills, learning to race or volunteering.
“The funding certainly helped because it gave us the opportunity to create a bigger awareness in not only motorsport for women but also the club in general,” Townsville City Autosports Club President Laurna Love said. 
“The assistance received from the Club Development Fund went to sponsoring day licensing and radio advertising which led to more media exposure and the increase of the club members. 
“We have had 10 girls aged under 21 join the club alongside with some of their male family members also joining, as well as four women in their 30s who have taken on officials roles.
“As a result of the exposure, we received even more funding which we used to purchase a club car which is a big step for us as it should be able to help with the development of juniors.”
With the current intake of applications being accepted until Tuesday 31 May, clubs can apply for the Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund here.
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